What We Do

What we do

X2 provides a complete back office solution ana “turn key” service so that you can focus on doing business. This includes company/entity formation, monthly taxation and payroll, compliance & legal reporting and full corporate secretarial services. BX2's local knowledge and international business expertise means we can operate as a 'bridge' for those looking to develop business or invest here in.
We take care of all those little things that eat away into your productivity. Whether it's navigating the internet for information, noting down minutes of an important meeting creating a spreadsheet, or formatting a presentation, we are the experts. And of course, scheduling meetings and arranging your travel, coordinating with your other stakeholders are all part of our admin services.

Pop up boxBX2 offers a streamlinea, cost effective solution for incorporating and maintaining your local legal entity. The most popular option is incorporating a ‘SAS’ Company, (simplified limited company). Foreignv companies may open branch offices and explore the option of setting up a ‘Ltda’ (limited liability company)
Pop up The correct strategy on how to enter the Colombian market is crucial to ensuring long term commercial success. Leverage the local knowledge and connections of the BX2 team, 'who you know is very important here.
Pop up boxBX2 can take care of all banking, accounting ana tax obligations so that clients can focus on their core business. This includes payroll, bookkeeping, financial reporting, treasury services and audit a tax filing.
Pop Up BX2 help you ensure legal compliance of your local entity in all aspects of corporate law, employment law, trade law and litigations/negotiations.